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Thank you for taking the time to visit my web site and for your interest in counselling. 

It is my belief that counselling can provide an individual with the opportunity for positive change and personal growth which can hopefully result in a happier, more fulfilled life.

Counselling can lead to increased self-awareness and self confidence. It can give clients the space to come to terms with any issues they may want to explore, to overcome concerns that may be causing them difficulty and to enable better ways of coping with life in the future.

My underlying approach to counselling is person, (or client)-centred, however I am able and willing to work in different, more integrative ways where any client may indicate that this would also be helpful to them.

A fundamental assumption of person, (or client)-centred counselling is that the client knows what is best for them and when given the right environment and relationship, they will discover and develop their inner resources to grow and move forward in an emotionally healthy way.

The existence of a safe and trusting environment is important, as it means that a person will feel more able to explore the issues causing them difficulties. Here, they can be encouraged and enabled to understand and accept certain things, or to find ways to make changes which they believe will lead to a more contented life. A safe and trusting environment is provided by developing and maintaining a relationship that is accepting, genuine and empathic and this relationship is at the core of the person centred and my counselling approach.

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