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What to Expect

FIRST SESSION - There is no right or wrong way to be a client. You are just required to bring yourself and your areas of concern in a way that feels best for you. I can answer any questions that you have and I will also ask you to supply some basic personal information including contact details and details of your GP. I will provide you with an information sheet and this forms the basis of our agreement to work together.

SESSION FREQUENCY -The frequency of sessions will be mutually agreed and then regularly reviewed at appropriate intervals during the counselling process. 


CONFIDENTIALITY - What you share in sessions will be confidential. However, exceptions to confidentiality exist where there is a strong indication that you may be at risk of harming yourself or others. If this situation arises, I will discuss this with you, with the hope that you will agree to my seeking additional professional assistance, generally via your GP. Only, in extreme situations would confidentiality be breached without your prior consent and I would always endeavour to inform you about what has been communicated and to whom. 

As a member of both BACP and COSCA, it is a professional requirement that I receive supervision for my work. This is carried out by qualified and experienced individuals, (themselves acting within confidential boundaries). Names and identifying details are not disclosed, instead issues and ways of working are discussed. 

ENDINGS - Counselling can be stopped at any time by you, although my hope is that we work together to mutually agree the appropriate time to end the counselling. If counselling finishes without mutual agreement, I will consider our counselling agreement to have expired after 6 months has elapsed from the date of the last session. 

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